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Nervous Patients

nervous patients

We are dedicated to providing the very best treatments and care to our patients. Not only do we deliver the very best results, but we also ensure the patients well being, comfort and nerves are catered for throughout each visit to our practice. Dr Faresh Desai (Co-owner/Principal Dentist) is a Dental Phobia Certified Dentist and has treated many patients who are very nervous when it comes to dental work.

As well as Dr Desai, all of our other practitioners and dental professionals (nurses, hygienists, technicians etc) are committed to providing the most comfortable, gentle, and relaxing dental experience and treatment available, and we will ensure the treatment is carried out at a pace you are happy with.

Gentle Touch

We find that with careful clear explanations, 3D animations and videos our nervous patients feel more relaxed about undertaking their chosen dental treatment. We understand that it can take a big step to start attending the dentist and we can cater for very nervous patients with flexible appointments so they are able to have a rest in between each appointment. For any patient who requires a bit more help to undergo any treatment, we are happy to offer IV sedation.

Procedure was Pleasant and not Painful

It took me a while to make the step to finally phone your clinic to make the appointment. I was very nervous coming in the first time and even the second time I was a bit scared. Everyone has been very kind and made me feel very comfortable.

The procedure was pleasant and not painful at all. I would like to thank everyone in the clinic for their kindness and work.

Eva W

Pain-Free Injections

In all of our treatments we practice pain free methods and techniques, which allows us to administer the anaesthetic very gently, comfortably and virtually pain free.

Common Misconception With Dental Injections

There are many nervous patients who will have had at some point in there life, a bad experience with a dental injection causing them unnecessary pain and discomfort. The common misconception with this is that the injection hurts because it is piercing the skin, but in most cases it is because the actual anaesthetic has been administered too quickly. Our dentists have been trained to slowly, comfortably and effectively deliver these injections with as little discomfort and pain to the patients as possible.

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Free Consultations For Nervous Patients

Having a fear of the dentist is a perfectly reasonable and understandable phobia to have. Our friendly dental team are not here to judge you for your fear and definitely will not judge you if you have been too afraid to attend a dentist in many years. We understand the whole idea and experience of a dentist can be overwhelming and scary for many people, and especially if you have suffered from a bad experience in the past.

We offer free consultations where you can discuss with one of our friendly dentists the treatment you are interested in, your dental worries, and any questions you may have. The free consultation will really just be an informal chat with a non-invasive check of your current dental health.

If you would like to book your free consultation today, please either call us or fill out the short form below.

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By Dr Gursh Bajwa

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