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Patient Testimonials (Typed Up)

Please read through our patient testimonials

I love my new smile!

Thank you so much for my new smile. It looks so much better than what I expected it to look! I can finally smile in photos! I highly recommend you to anyone! Thank you.

Lucy O


Lucy’s before and after:

Stb Lingual braces before and after - patient 16

I am totally satisfied with the end result and would highly recommend this clinic!

Some time ago I had to replace my ill fitting full lower denture. The denture I had at the time needed fixing in place before every meal and even then would compete with my food, very often winning. I gave the matter a great deal of thought and decided that my quality of life was important to me and did not relish always having this problem. I had read a great deal about dental implants and decided to ask more about the procedure, how long it took and of course, how much it would cost.

An enquiry later got me a phone call from a dental practice in Dorridge, One Dental Clinic, An appointment for an examination was made and I arrived, with some trepidation I might add, and was seen by Dr. Faresh Desai. My fears left me as soon as we met, I felt completely at ease and he explained the whole procedure to me. No further encouragement was needed I said ‘OK let’s do it’. I have, over my life, been to many dental practices, but this particular practice seemed different somehow and that became more so as the appointments came and went. They listen, all of them. The date of the implant surgery came, but instead of feeling apprehensive I felt excited.

I sat down, was sedated, which was brilliant and I woke to find it had all finished. Kevin Thomas is the Clinical Dental Technician who teams up with Faresh to produce amazing dentures, the sort that you forget are in the mouth. A couple of months later came ‘fitting’ day and it was an exciting experience. Working together, Faresh prepared my implants to accept the newly worked denture by Kevin, nothing was overlooked. It was an experience like no other with regard to denture wearing.

I am totally satisfied with the end result and would highly recommend this clinic and the team who look after you completely. Well done you guys!


Peter R (aged 82 3/4)

Peter’s before and after:

Multiple dental implants with an overdenture attached - patient 4

I used to avoid cameras like the plague

Hi Gursh and colleagues,

Thought I would email you a copy of a recent photo – think it shows the fantastic work that Gursh did on my teeth last year! I am so grateful as I used to avoid the camera like the plague.

Thank you so much

Anna L

Anna’s before and after:

damon braces patient before and after 3

One Dental Clinic is the best dentist I have been to. Before coming to One Dental Clinic I went to a lot of dentists in and around Birmingham as that is where I am from. Most dentists after reviewing my situation stated that my front teeth had to be removed due to overcrowding, but I did not want my front teeth to be removed. So I carried on searching for another dentist and I came across One Dental Clinic after dropping one of my colleagues in Dorridge. I booked an appointment and was seen by Gursh who laughed when I told him other orthodontist said that my teeth had to be removed. Over the two years Gursh has been brilliant and Manni, Gursh assistant. Very happy and cheerful people at One Dental Clinic and very welcoming. I felt relaxed and happy coming to One Dental Clinic. My teeth look perfect and all my friends and family are amazed at what Gursh has done to my teeth. My braces were off just in time for my sisters wedding and I couldn’t stop smiling as everyone complimented my teeth. Thank you Carol and Kate for being welcoming and thank you Gursh for making my teeth perfect and thank you Manni and One Dental CLinic for everything.


Recommend this dental practice to anyone

I have been very happy with all the treatment I have received. All the staff are friendly and helpful and create a calm and welcoming atmosphere. The process of having my teeth straightened was quick and very effective and I am very please with the results. I would recommend this dental practice to anyone.

Kathy G

I would fully recommend Karnkia to anyone

I was conscious that my teeth were ugly and my 2 crowns were discoloured and over large. I went for a consultation with Karnika and was impressed with her care, knowledge and guidance of my options. I agreed a course of visits which cleaned and whitened my teeth. Replaced the 2 crowns so they matched and added veneers to 6 others and repaired other teeth and fillings too. My teeth now look natural and perfect and give me confidence to smile. I would fully recommend Karnika to anyone.

David P

I certainly could not stop smiling

Dear One Dental Clinic,

I have never liked my teeth, as were overcrowded, all different angles and off colour which made me feel uncomfortable smiling and always hated having photographs taken as would see my teeth. When we were planning to get married the conversation come up about smiling for the wedding photos and my fiancé said maybe was time to actually do something about my teeth as he wanted me to be happy and comfortable smiling on the big day!

I came across One Dental Clinic in Dorridge online and must say I’m so happy I found this clinic. From the very first appointment all the staff were friendly and helpful. Due to timing of my wedding already booked I quickly made decision to go with the Six Month Smiles option as had less than a year to go. I had the braces on 7-8 months coming off just few weeks before the big day. Despite being bit little uncomfortable wearing at times all is certainly forgotten once they are off!! Every appointment was made to feel at ease and I certainly didn’t dread going to the dentist. I was really pleased with my result as such an improvement especially when look at before photos! I couldn’t believe how quickly in particular my top teeth straightened and looked so amazing.

I was really pleased when my braces came off and seeing them all straight, must admit at first was bit of a shock. But on my wedding day words alone cannot describe how happy and pleased I was with my new smile!! I certainly could not stop smiling and the photos look great with my lovely teeth! I am so pleased I went for the treatment before my wedding day and is certainly worth the expense.

I would highly recommend One Dental Clinic to everyone, and if you are having any doubts or unsure it really is worth having braces as does make such a difference! Thank you very much One Dental Clinic!

Laura P

Reassured with Sedation – “Brilliant”

Brilliant- thanks to the team at One Dental Clinic, I have been able to sit in the dentists chair without shaking for the first time in years….to say that I am terrified if anything to do with dental treatment is the understatement of a lifetime.

However, desperation about some real discomfort in my much-neglected mouth led me (earlier this year) to Google terrified of dentists. The link took me straight to their website and the Nervous Patient page! What I read there was reassuring- the website is easy to navigate and the information clear, straightforward and open. Impressive is the fact that there was a telephone response to my Email enquiry within just 20 minutes! Initial visits to the clinic were an equally pleasant experience- starting with the fact that everyone in the team gave the impression (for the first time in my experience) that my anxieties are quite understandable and not in the least odd in any way.

Dr Gursh Bajwa seemed to understand instinctively- he made assessments, took X-rays and was able to explain the procedures required and the options available in the most straightforward and kindly way. Not only did he assure me that pain is not on the agenda in the 21st century, but he explained clearly and patiently how the sedation he recommended would work-this was my lifeline. Treatment was to involve what seemed like a massive amount of work on three teeth- including crowns and some root-canal work. When the time came for my first (of several) visits for treatment I was very nervous indeed and had to keep some of Dr Bajwa’s words very firmly in my head in order to make myself enter the building. However, once inside, the friendliness of the staff and the environment (including some anesthetic injection equally so- but it is not just that… the kindness of Dr Gursh Bajwa and the whole team makes a real difference. Nothing was rushed, everyone was extremely patient with me and the follow up telephone calls, and the way they were handled, was something I appreciated very much.

I now have three crowns that feels and behave like my own teeth used to- thank you! We treat you, our patient, as we would wish ourselves and our families to be treated.

Patricis D

A new found confidence

Hi Erin,

First of all just want to thank you and Dr Faresh in looking after me through my treatment and all I can say is i am absolutely thrilled with the end result.

I seem to have found a new found confidence since having my teeth done, and am always smiling now!



Veneers and Teeth whitening have made my teeth look fantastic!

I first attended the One Dental Clinic having seen their offer of a free consultation on their internet site. I met with Dr Gursh Bajwa who was very friendly and who immediately made me feel at ease.

The various options of treatment available were explained to me, the most expensive option was not pushed at me like others have done and I made my own decision. The clinic offered a flexible-no interest payment plan which was of great benefit to my personal circumstances. The whole process took several months but on each visit Dr Gursh Bajwa and staff were wonderful. The Veneers and Whitening treatment have made my teeth look fantastic and I couldn’t be happier. I now have the confidence to smile which is a wonderful feeling.

All the staff at the clinic are friendly and welcoming and I highly recommend them to any further clients. I will certainly be returning for years to come.

Miss Alison S

My lovely new smile for my sons wedding

Dear Faresh Desai and all staff that work at One Dental Clinic,

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!!!! For my lovely new smile, I love it!! My smile is going to look fab for my sons wedding in April this year. My teeth whitening and new front cap have made such a difference to my face I can now smile with confidence. The customer service that I received was excellent, all your staff are extremely professional and very very friendly. I couldn’t fault anything at all!

I would normally feel nervous going to the dentist but instead my experience at One Dental Clinic was a very relaxed and enjoyable one. I will gladly recommend your services to all my friends and family. Once again, I cannot thank you enough for the difference you have made to both my appearance and confidence. Take care and I will look forward to seeing you all for my check up in a few months time.

Kind Regards

Margaret T

Absolute first class dental treatment

Dear Karnika and team,

I wanted to write to say how very pleased I am with my treatment, although this doesn’t really express just HOW delighted I am. The work wasn’t easy to carry out; I presented you with quite a lot of work and given my absolute phobia of dental work, I must have been the patient from hell.

You were kind, patient and reassuring and above all, the work which was carried out is absolutely first class. But it isn’t simply the work and the result, is it? The whole service, from start to finish, was client-oriented and superb; reminders of appointments; caring phone calls to check that all was well after treatment; calm and considerate treatment, I simply cannot say enough about how caring and professional was the treatment I received.

Thank you again.

Best wishes

Norrie M

My dentist was always mindful and considerate

Having had a very bad experience in the past, I was more than a little reluctant to embark on a rather long treatment of having an implant fitted.

I was offered sedation for the first part of the procedure which was a huge relief. Although the treatment lasted six months I was seen on numerous visits to make sure all was well. I am still a rather reluctant patient, but my dentist Faresh, was always considerate and mindful of my fear of dentists the staff in general were helpful and pleasant. I would not hesitate to recommend the practice to friends and family, in fact it was through a recommendation which lead me to the practice in the first instance.

I really appreciate the fact that Faresh has gone some way to making my visits considerably easier.

Valerie M

Thank you for my Flowers!

Dear all,

I just want to say thank you so much for the flowers, they were lovely, and such a wonderful surprise.

I am so happy with my new smile and send thanks to you all, especially Gursh.

See you soon

Alison S

A Very Nervous Patient

I hadn’t been to the dentists for nearly 4 years, I was too scared. A rotten tooth and discomfort finally pushed me into having to find somewhere – but could I go through with it?.. I found this dentist on the web, saw the word ‘sedation’ mentioned and thought it might just be possible after all!

Taking a deep breath I called and the reception staff assured me that the dentist would only look in my mouth using a mirror at the initial assessment. Anyway, I finally found the courage from somewhere to go along accompanied by my partner. Everyone was so nice and very kind and the receptionist came to get me outside as I was too scared to wait in the waiting room. I gingerly perched on the edge of the couch listening to Faresh whilst feeling very sick. He only looked in my mouth with a mirror and talked to me for quite a while reassuring me. At no point whatsoever did he make me feel stupid for not visiting the dentists earlier and suggested that they did some x-rays only to see what was needed. Any treatment could be under sedation which was then explained in detail to me. I managed the x-rays and agreed to think about making ‘the appointment’. To cut a long story short, I made ‘the appointment’ and went through with it … scared but trying to think positive I lay back on the couch, was given a tiny injection in my arm, never feeling a thing and the next thing I can remember was getting out of the car with my partner back at home, having had 2 fillings, an extraction and a general clean and polish!

Everything that I was told was totally true, the staff were so kind and the process was completely painless and I could not remember a thing!… I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Faresh for your excellent service and customer care and would recommend you to anyone without hesitation…. and, for all you nervous patients out there… if I can do it… so can you… and you won’t remember a thing…

Previously a Nervous Patient

Jane W

p.s. – mouth healing up just fine – and thank you for your follow-up calls.

Cosmetic Treatment on a Nervous Patient – “No hesitation in recommending the Dental Clinic”

Dear all,

I have no hesitation in recommending the One Dental Clinic. I received the highest quality of care under the care of Dr Gursh Bajwa. Due to a dental phobia I had neglected my teeth over the years. This resulted in a lack of confidence due to the condition and look of my teeth. The clinic had only just opened and specialized in nervous patients and seemed appropriate to my needs. I was under the care of Dr Gursh Bajwa who made me feel so at ease. Nothing was rushed, everything was explained most clearly and the options that were available.

I decided to have veneers and crowns and everything was discussed and an estimate of the cost, initially the consultation was free. I was very nervous on my first treatment appointment I need not have worried. Dr Gursh Bajwa completely put me at my ease; I even began to look forward to my appointments! I never once felt any pain or discomfort this was very different to my previous dental experiences. Dr Gursh Bajwa is a perfectionist and the result was teeth that were so beautiful and natural, I have not stopped smiling since. I have received so many compliments and request for complimentary cards. What is so lovely is that my new teeth (as they used to look!) That people are so surprised that they are veneers. I should like to thank all the team. The receptionists are so helpful, friendly and polite. Also I’d like to thank the dental nurse, for her competence and care.

Thank you Dr Gursh Bajwa for changing my smile as well as my life!

Kindest Regards

Mrs Marilyn D

May you, your team and your business flourish all the more!

Just a short note to say a very big thank you for all the care I’ve been given with my dental problems this past year. Though advised by Dr. Desai to have my broken tooth extracted I stubbornly declined which consequently caused e recurring ulcers and extreme pain. I ended up visiting One Dental Clinic on numerous occasions for antibiotics. Kelli Haines had a big hand in convincing me to have my tooth extracted. Kelli has a very comforting and reassuring way. I feel she gave me comfort when I most needed it and I also think Kelli has a natural talent in compassion and empathy.

Regards and thank you to Vicky Short for her cheerful welcome each and every time I visit. Whenever I’ve needed an emergency appointment she dealt with it promptly. Dr. Desai, you and your team have rebuilt the Dental Clinic beyond recognition. You and your team have restored my confidence. My husband and I are very pleased with the care we receive.

May you, your team and your business flourish all the more.

Nina L

A big thank you for your patience and care

Hi Gursh,

Just wanted to say thank you for your patience and care taken with Emma a couple of weeks ago when you saw her. She is very relieved and grateful to have had the treatment under sedation and is especially pleased with the results!

So from Emma and I a big thank you!

Take care

Tony J

An Existing Patient – “commitment of the dentists….”

I had been a patient with predecessor practice of the One Dental Clinic for many years and had experienced a gradual deterioration of the standard of treatment. I had therefore some reservations when I learnt that two young dentists [Dr.Bajwa and Dr.Desai] had taken over the practice; this trepidation however, disappeared immediately when I not only saw the financial investment made in bringing the fabric and dental equipment of the practice into the 21st century, but also the commitment of the two dentists to giving their patients state-of-the-art dental treatment.

Their enthusiasm has also been taken on board by the supporting staff. During the past year, I have had three sets of old crowns replaced and throughout the treatment process I had been constantly advised as to what would be taking place, consulted on the appropriate colour matches and suffered no adverse effects whatsoever. Consequently I have no hesitation in recommending the dental clinic with its present complement of dentists to new patients for dental treatment.


Cosmetic Dental Treatment “Always a smile and warm welcome”

Dear Sir/Madam,

I just had to put pen to paper and express my gratitude for the service I have received since joining your Dental Practice. There is always a smile and a warm welcome from the receptionist when I walk through the door. I would like to say a special thank you to Gursh Bajwa for his hard work, expertise and attention to detail.

Many thanks

Yours sincerely

David L

I am delighted with my new smile!

I would like to express my thanks to all staff at the Dorridge branch of One Dental Clinic for the treatment I have just received from them. I wanted my upper front teeth straightened and from my first contact with the receptionist at the clinic I found the service I received was always very courteous and helpful. I had my initial consultation with Gursh when he explained the choices of treatment available to me he was very willing to answer all of my questions.

This was then followed up in writing with my 3 options and I was given time to think about which would suit me best and also to talk to family about which course they thought I should take. I proceeded with the course of treatment which necessitated bridge work and 4 crowns this involved several lengthy appointments. Both the receptionists and the dental nurse were always friendly and on the days following longer procedures Erin would phone to see how I felt. Gursh was always very understanding answered my numerous questions and always explained what he was about to do. The atmosphere in the surgery was always very relaxed.

I am delighted with my new smile! The crowns are a perfect match to my existing teeth and it is wonderful to have straight teeth at last!! I was recently at a function with friends where we were having our photographs taken they said they didn’t want to be next to me because I would show up their teeth! I have had such complimentary comments from both family and friends.

Finally I must say that I felt really valued as a patient and found the whole atmosphere in the clinic very personal and friendly. Each visit was a pleasure. Thank you to you all especially Gursh! You’ve made such a difference to me. Looking forward to seeing you in 6 months!


I highly recommend to anyone!

Was nervous about addressing the teeth issue but the team put you at ease during your treatment. Good advice, great results. I would recommend treatment to anyone.

Charmaine W

Replacement Veneers – “their approach was professional & friendly”

I visited One Dental Clinic for a consultation about replacing my veneers. All the staff was knowledgeable and helpful, and when I started my course of treatment their approach was professional and friendly, putting me at ease during my anxiety over the treatment.

The whole experience has been positive and I would recommend the practice to anyone, in fact I have!

Debbie M

You have succeeded in banishing my fear of the dentist

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at One Dental Clinic. You have succeeded in banishing my fear of the dentist. You where not judgmental regarding my fears, and by showing me that these was a painless way for me to be treated, you have restored my confidence.

I will not hesitate to recommend this practice to others.

Many thanks

Geoff M

I can’t praise you highly enough

Thank you for my new teeth I am absolutely delighted with them. I can’t praise you highly enough for the friendly yet professional way I have been treated on every visit to the clinic.

Good Luck for the future I hope your business continues to grow.

Thanks again

Guy S

Cured My Fear of Dentists

Dear all,

I would like to thank all the team for the caring attitude and professionalism during the major dental work I required. You have cured my fear of dentists which I have had for many years. I will have no hesitation in recommending your practice to my family, friends and colleagues who require any sort of dental treatment.

Once again I thank the whole team for making my visit to the dentist a pleasurable trip and I thank the whole team for making my visit to the dentist a pleasurable trip and I look forward to seeing you all again in 6 months time when I come in for a check up.

Yours sincerely,

Jeanette N

I actually enjoy going to the dentist

Dear One Dental Clinic,

I never thought I would ever say this – but actually I like going to the dentist now. Before the practice changed hands the place was dull and boring, old magazines and uncomfortable chairs. Now its bright, modern and we can watch TV, its great with lovely friendly staff who are very professional.

I’ve been given excellent treatment. My teeth have been whitened and I can smile again with confidence. I almost look forward to my next appointment.

Thank you so much

Kathy F

Very happy! 10/10

* Before treatment I was slightly nervous, however this soon changed from day 1 at my consultation.

* Made to feel at ease

* Very happy with my treatment all the way through. No complaints!

* I will 100% recommend One Dental Clinic to all friends and family

* Overall extremely happy! 


Kayleigh L

Thanks to all your team

Thanks to all your team who have helped me cope with what for me is always a very stressful occasion.


Khali R

I love my new smile

Really pleased with the treatment I have received. All the staff have been good and appointments have always been on time.

Very happy with my new smile!!

Laura C

Absolutely delighted!

Dear One Dental,

Thank you for my “new teeth” I am absolutely delighted with them. I can’t praise you highly enough for the friendly yet professional way I have been treated on every visit to the clinic.

Good luck for the future I hope your business continues to grow.

Thanks again


I can recommend to anyone who has a fear to call One Dental

I feel after my excellent treatment by your company and staff I must take the time to right this Testimonial! I had not visited a dentist for over 20 years and my teeth were beginning to cause me a constant problem!! After having constant tooth ache for weeks I decided I had to do something. But what I was terrified of the dentist After bad experience of National Health as a child!

So I went on line looked into frightened of Dentist. Up popped One Dental Clinic Skeptically I clicked on and read about them. They looked very professional and had very good testimonials about Sedation Treatment This seemed perfect for me if I could get courage to go!! I plucked up courage and called them left a message as it was weekend. First thing Monday morning a very gentle understanding voice called me. I was put at ease right away not made too feel silly about my phobia but completely the opposite like it was most normal thing the world. I explained my problems and fears they asked if I would like to come in just for a chat. I agreed to go that day while feeling brave.

When I arrived they made me feel so at ease spoke down stairs explained everything. Then asked if I thought I could go upstairs to see dentist! Again when I went up was made to feel so at ease all instruments were covered up sat on a settee and chatted to him. After a while a had enough courage to be examined. My problems were explained clearly to me along with suggested treatment they totally assured me I would feel nothing and be ok. They followed up initial appointment with a lovely friendly phone call asking if I had any further question or concerns. I made appointment for treatment and went along with a friend at a time to suit me. I was a bit nervous but seeing same people again and with there re assurances we started treatment telling me that we could stop anytime I wanted.

The next thing I remember was being in car going home smiling and laughing no pain. My tooth ache had gone I had no memory of treatment it was amazing wish I had done months before. After care was excellent follow up call to see if ok check up excellent too. I know have joined there dentist plan going 4 times a year for check ups and cleaning also tooth whitening.

I can recommend to anyone who has a fear to call One Dental just go and see them you will be Amazed.


Laurence H

Disillusioned with the NHS – “delighted with the level of care…”

I joined One Dental Clinic because I had become disillusioned with the poor standard of dental treatment offered by the NHS. Since joining I have been delighted with the level of care and attention to detail, and the extremely high standard of treatment which fully justifies my decision to switch.

Robert C

Absolutely Thrilled!

I would like to say how thrilled I am with my final results. I never thought my teeth would look like this and would definitely recommend anyone to come here.

Thank you x


Extractions with Sedation – “What a difference from past extractions”

I recently had some teeth extracted with sedation. Well what a difference from past extractions at other practices. Time was taken to explain and put me at ease. From start to finish, I could not have received better care anywhere in the world.

Thank you

Trevor O

I was nervous about treatment to begin with

I was wary about having dental treatment to begin with. However, One Dental Clinic made me feel at ease straight away. The treatment and service I received was fantastic from all members of the clinic. The orthodontic treatment worked as the team promised and I’m very happy with the finished results.



Fully Recommend Sedation – “Thank the dentist for the kindness…”

Dear all,

I would like to thank the dentist for the kindness and consideration on my last appointment I received. I had a sedation of which I fully recommend, I was completely released and cannot remember my treatment of which I am truly grateful.

Once again many thanks

Valarie M

Best money ever spent!

Fantastic pain free treatment. A great way to get straight teeth in a short period of time.

Best money every spent!


Your reception staff are helpful, friendly and very approachable

Dear Dental Clinic Staff,

I would like to thank you for the excellent care I have received since changing dentist. I have spent two years moving between dentists in Birmingham and Herefordshire before changing to you and had been in pain for approximately half that time. Now I can live life without constantly complaining about my teeth. My last four holidays were ruined by toothache and I definitely would not recommend to anymore flying with an infected tooth.

Your reception staff are helpful, friendly and very approachable and most importantly they are always cheerful and nothing seems like it is too much trouble. Your dental nurses are also friendly and appear smart and reassuring. Most important of all to me is the dental care I have received. My dentist is calm, reassuring and tells me what is needed, what he plans to do, then what he is doing as we go along. I always feel we are partners in caring for my teeth, a very different experience from the past. My teeth are now looking better and I plan to have more work done in the future. I am also taking better care of them and now I am no longer in pain. I am also eating better. Thank you again for an all round excellent experience and I hope you are able to maintain a first class service into the future.

Yvonne C

As a professional myself, I was particularly impressed by the professionalism of the whole team.

Dev B

I am very impressed by the meticulous professionalism + care exhibited by everyone with whom I came into contact at Solihull’s ‘One Dental Clinic’ ; from the Receptionists, Carol’s friendly efficiency to Karnika’s, my orthodontic dentist, high standards of professionalism and customer awareness, the service I received for the duration of my six month treatment plan was exceptional.

Nothing was ever too much trouble and I felt always that I was listened to and my specific needs met. Any minor difficulties with the orthodontics were immediately dealt with, without my having to wait to see Karnika and always, treatment was excellent. I cannot recommend One Dental Clinic highly enough.

Therese D

I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone at One Dental Clinic from consultation to the final treatment it has been a pleasure. I was told everystep of the way what was being done and treated like a VIP. I am amazed at what they achieved and so pleased with my smile now when before I was conscious of it. Thanks again.

Ian S

On Monday I broke a tooth, well I have not been to the dentist since 1983 so I feared the worst. However here I am 5 days latter all mended, what a great service.

Peter B

My experience with the one dental clinic in Dorridge has been fantastic. I am so pleased with the standard of care and service I have received throughout the course of my treatment. Everyone here has been patient with all my questions and extremely friendly in general. I would thoroughly recommend choosing this dental clinic to other people. I am now very confident with my smile and can safely say I have a very healthy set of nashers. I am sad I can’t afford private all the time else I would stay with the clinic without a doubt. Thank you to all but especially my dentist Karnika!

Lisa R

The whole treatment process with Gursh & the One Dental Team has been professional & fantastic. Six month smile has been a great treatment & I can thoroughly recommend it – I can now smile on my wedding day! Thanks to Gursh & the team for the great work.

Charlotte H

From the start to the finish everything has gone well and the end result is amazing. Thank you very much Faresh and all the staff for their help and kindness.

June E

My Treatment with One Dental Clinic was fine. I had my braces on for 2 and a half years and had no problems.

Dave J

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