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Teeth Extractions

We only extract teeth as a last resort

Some teeth may be savable

What Are Extractions?

An extraction is the dental term used to describe the removal of a tooth from a patients mouth.

Why Would I Need To Have An Extraction?

The most common reason why you may need to have an extraction is because the tooth has been irreversibly damaged or decayed to the point that it will be healthier for the mouth and remaining teeth to be removed.

In all instances of our treatments for our patients, tooth extraction is always the last resort because keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible will always be the best and preferred option for your long term dental health.

What Can Cause a Tooth To Be Extracted?

These are the main factors that can lead to a tooth requiring an extraction:

  • Severe tooth infection/decay/trauma – Past the point of saving the tooth
  • Supernumerary teeth – additional teeth that appears alongside regular teeth and blocks other teeth from coming through
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Dental abscess (collection of pus around gums/teeth)
  • Teeth that cannot be saved through root canals (endodontics)
  • Fractured teeth
  • Impacted third molars (blocking the wisdom tooth from coming through)

Also with traditional braces you may of needed a tooth extracted to make room for your new straight teeth (due to overcrowding issues). However, with modern brace systems it is now possible in the majority of cases to treat overcrowding without having to extract a tooth.

Do I Need To Have My Tooth Extracted?

If you are experiencing pain with a troublesome tooth or it doesn’t look quite right, we recommended that you come in to see us so we can asses the effected tooth. We always work to the principles that extracting a tooth is always the last resort as your natural teeth are very precious and are irreplaceable (even though modern restorations come pretty close).

Even though there are many different types of modern restorations that are available (and are very effective), it is always the best to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible, and prevent any dental problems through regular oral hygiene and dental care. Prevention will always be better than the treatment in terms of oral health, cost and pain caused by any problems.

Extractions For Nervous Patients – Sedation Available

Extractions can be a stressful time for any patient. Even though we carry out extractions under local anesthetic which numbs the site of the extraction and eliminates pain. You may feel pressure and movement around the tooth which can be an uncomfortable experience. Our dentists always practices slow and steady techniques to reduce any uncomfortable feeling during treatments, but the whole situation of an extraction can become too much for really nervous patients.

We offer IV sedation for nervous patients that can be used with all treatments. IV sedation will induce a complete relaxed state for the patient. Even though the patient won’t be fully under, the whole experience will be a completely/partially lost memory that renders the whole visit to the dentist as pleasant, calm and not stressful.

Extraction with Sedation – “The best decision I ever made”

Following a tearful and incredibly painful period I contacted One Dental Clinic hoping I could be helped out of my situation.

As a normally strong person I was feeling very lost and frightened from the service I was receiving in the NHS. I can only say I have had a superb experience and a warm welcome, calm atmosphere and most professional service from Gursh. I needed to feel confident again about myself and following a long chat it had already started. His warm- non judgmental approach was perfect. I had only ever felt disappointed and ashamed of myself when leaving the dentist.

I chose an extraction with sedation – (I was praying I wouldn’t be in agony which I didn’t quite believe was possible with dentistry)

The financial investment has been the best decision I have ever made. The procedure was completely pain free and the sedation meant I felt completely relaxed. Having 100% confidence in Gursh he made the whole experience perfect. Thank you to all of you providing a wonderful warm, professional and excellent service.

Claire B

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