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6 Month Smiles

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What are 6 Month Smiles?

6 Month Smiles (also know as 6 Month Braces) uses a new technology that will gently straighten your teeth with clear strong ceramic braces, with an average treatment time of six months!
This system is a cosmetic brace that focuses directly on the teeth that show when you smile and will not make any significant bite changes. We also offer damon and lingual braces which will focus on your bite as well as straightening your teeth.

Features & benefits of 6 Month Smiles

Clear, invisible, discrete braces
Small tooth coloured wires to blend in with your smile
Lower costs than traditional braces
Faster treatment times
Minimal discomfort for an overall comfortable treatment

Q: How can teeth be straightened so quickly?

6 Month smiles only focuses on the smile area of your teeth, which enables the process to be completed in a much quicker time than other braces.

6 Months Smile

Patient was unhappy with the alignment of her upper teeth. We used 6 month smiles to align the teeth in approx 6 months


6 Months Smile

This patient was unhappy with her sticking out canine teeth. We used clear fixed braces to align the teeth.


Q: Will I have a mouth full of metal?

One of the best parts about 6 month smiles is the fact the system uses special tooth colored brackets and wires that really blend into your teeth!
The entire treatment will be virtually invisible and people will barely notice you have braces.

6 Months Smile

This patient was unhappy with the alignment of his upper and lower teeth. We used 6 Month Braces to straighten the teeth.


Q: Is 6 Month Smile comfortable?

Yes. 6 month month smiles have been specifically designed to use gentle forces to comfortably straighten your teeth.
It is a common misconception that the accelerated treatment times is down to tightening the wires on traditional braces. This new technology focuses on just improving the cosmetics of the smile and not re-positioning your bite, hence the quicker treatment times.

6 Months Smile

This patient was unhappy with her high canine tooth which was catching her upper lip. We used 6 Month Braces to bring the tooth down in the arch and align the teeth.


Q: After treatment will I need to wear a retainer?

To retain your newly straight teeth you will need to have a retainer. We offer both removable and bonded retainers (to the backs of your teeth). The bonded retainer is often the preferred choice as it will mean there is less chance of orthodontic relapse and you wont have to take out the retainer to eat or drink (which can then often lead to breaking/losing the retainer).

6 Months Smile

This young lady was unhappy with the cross over of her front teeth. We used 6 Month Braces to align the teeth followed by cosmetic recontouring.


Q: Which is the best treatment for me?

We offer a wide range of braces to suit all different patients needs. If you are unsure this is a suitable treatment for you, or you would like to discuss this with one of our dentists. Please do not hesitate to call us or fill out the short form below to arrange your free consultation today.

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