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All on 4™ Dental Implants

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Secure & Long Lasting Dental Implants

For missing teeth

What is All on 4™?

The All on 4 dental implant system is based on having 2 straight implants placed in the anterior and two angled implants placed in the posterior of the jaw, which securely supports an immediate fully loaded arch of teeth.

Am I suitable For The All on 4™ Dental Implant System?

If you have lost your teeth and would like a full arch replacement then the all on 4 system might be a suitable treatment for you.
If you currently suffer with loose uncomfortable dentures, bridge and crown work that is failing, receding gums and severe bone loss,and traditional dental implants are not suitable for you, the all on 4 system could be the treatment for you.

What Are The Benefits Of The All on 4™ System?

Full-arch restoration with only four implants
There is a lower chance of a bone graft needed
Immediately & fully loaded for efficient and time-saving treatment
For fixed and removable final prosthetic solutions
Accurate implant placement with the use of guided computer surgery
Scientifically proven and documented

All-On-4 Step By Step


Step 1

Insertion Of Implants

all-on-4-step 2

Step 2

Securing Of Multi-Unit Abutments

all-on-4-step 3

Step 3

Securing Of Provisional Prosthesis With Prosthetic Screws


X-rays and impressions will be used in order to make replica model of your jaw
We will make a removable denture with the desired setup of teeth, to be then transformed into a 3D template
On some cases we will create a virtual 3D mock up of your jaw with a CT scan, to diagnose your bone density and locations of nerves & sinuses

All on 4 Dental Implant Placement

We will use local anaesthetic or sedation to place the implants
After your implants have been placed there will be a healing process which can take around 3 months for them to integrate with the jawbone

Provisional Restoration

After we have successfully placed the implants we will immediately attach a provisional denture (prosthesis) to be worn during the healing period

Permanent Restoration

After the healing period (around 3 months) we will have you back in to securely fit your permanent teeth
Depending on your needs we can fit removable (e.g. overdentures attached with an implant bar etc) or fixed teeth (e.g. implant bridge with cemented crowns etc) solutions

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