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Dental Implants Explained

finance payment plans are available

Dental Implants are quite a complex treatment and can involve a number of different treatments that need to be undertaken before you can even qualify to have dental implants.

The following information will give you a rough idea of how much it will cost and what the treatment will involve – but dental implants will vary significantly from patient to patient and we urge you to arrange a no obligation free consultation to get the initial prognosis. You will be given a clear picture of how much it will cost (finance payment plans available subject to status), what other treatments (if any) will be involved (bone grafting, soft tissue etc) and how long it will take to complete the whole process.

Dental Implants in its simplest form

To begin with, there could be a number of different scenarios that could create the need for a dental implant.

  • Missing tooth
  • Multiple teeth missing (combination of missing teeth)
  • Decayed tooth/teeth that require extraction (identified via prognosis)

Example 1 – Single Missing Tooth

For a single missing tooth you require one dental implant and a crown to be fitted on top. This scenario is priced as follows:

from £1100 per implant

from £550 per crown

Example 2 – Multiple Missing Teeth

If you have multiple adjacent teeth missing, you may require more than 1 implant to restore this space. A minimum of 2 implants can be used and they will be restored by a porcelain dental bridge. This treatment starts from:

from £1100 per implant (multiple implants will be needed)

from £500 per tooth on bridge (multiple units may be needed)

Example 3 – Complete Set

In this scenario you may need a complete lower/upper arch or both sets of teeth, a minimum of two dental implants will be required (for the lower jaw) and a minimum of four(for the upper jaw), with dentures/overdentures fixed on top.

from £995 per implant (multiple implants will be needed)

from £995 per denture (upper/lower dentures may be needed)

Example 4 – ‘Same Day Teeth’

In this scenario we can place 4 to 6 implants in the upper or lower jaw and immediately fix teeth on top of these implants on the same day of surgery.

From £9,500

What else do I need to know about Dental Implants?

The above examples are explaining the very basic dental implant treatments that the patient can take (if they qualify for that treatment). However, your current dental health may require further treatment for you to qualify to have dental implants and will again slightly increase the cost of the overall treatment. This will vary case by case:

  • In some instances a CT scan may be required to identify the quality of the bone in the jaw. This starts from £250
  • If the results come back and there is insufficient bone, a bone graft will be required to qualify for dental implants. This starts from £850
  • You may require a sinus lift if there is insufficient bone on the upper jaw. This starts from £995
  • All dental implant treatments can be carried out with Intravenous sedation at no extra cost

The cost of Dental Implants scare me

The above information may put you off due to the costs involved, and you may not be able to see how you could possibly afford this treatment.

However, we do offer a finance payment options (subject to status), to help break up the overall treatment cost into manageable stages.

We don’t want the cost of treatment to be a barrier to your dental health.

The no obligation free consultation with our dental implants dentist will discuss all the options available to you and the treatment plan will be based on your exact needs.

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By Dr Faresh Desai

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