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Ankylos Smart Fix

Ankylos Smart Fix dental implants

Dental Implants Programme includes:

  • Full consultation
  • X-rays
  • CT scan (if required)
  • Ankylos Smart Fixed
  • Intra-venous sedation (if required)
  • Teeth whitening
  • Final restoration
  • Oral hygiene programme
  • Follow up & maintenance programme

What Are Ankylos Smart Fix Dental Implants?

Ankylos Smart Fix are a dental implant system from Dentsply – an international company formed of Dentsply Friadent and Astra Tech Dental.

This is a new revolutionary system that provides a prosthetic solution on tilted dental implants!

Why would I need Ankylos Smart Fix?

If you have missing teeth or your denture is starting to fail, then the Ankylos Smart Fix system could be the ideal dental implants treatment for you.

What are the benefits of Ankylos Smart Fix?

With the Ankloys Smart Fix dental implant system you will receive the following benefits:

  • Avoiding critical anatomical areas – Tilted implants can largely avoids critical anatomical areas and for example, could avoid the need for sinus floor elevation
  • Stable prosthetic fit – The area supporting the prosthesis covers a larger area than normal implants will because of the angle caused by the tilted implants, which ensures that the local bone is thus utilized optimally
  • Delicate abutment head – The abutment head allows optimum freedom in terms of height and diameter
  • Secure handling – Each abutment will already be premounted onto a seating instrument which offers incredible flexibility, especially when their is restricted space
  • Positioning – There is free 360 degree positioning of the implant and balance base abutments
  • Sub-crestal placement – This will largely avoid any inflammatory response to the peri-implant tissue (important for implant survival)

Ankylos Smart Fix dental Implants by Dentsply

Ankylos Smart Fix Process:


  • To produce study models we will take impressions and x-rays of the patients jaw
  • A template of the jaw will be constructed for the CT scan (if required)
  • (if required) a CT scan will be taken to help the dentist plan the dental implant surgery (the CT scan will show him the patients bone quality, and where the nerves and sinuses are)

Implant Placement

  • The patient will be administered intravenous (IV) sedation or local anaesthetic and the implants will be placed with the assistance of a template or the Ct scan results as an even more accurate guide

Provisional Restoration

  • On the day of the implant placement a full arch fixed prosthesis will be attached to the dental implants (so the patient is never without any teeth during the treatment)

Permanent Restoration

  • The implants will be allowed to integrate with the jawbone and heal – This process will normally take around 3 months
  • After the healing period (roughly 3 months), the final restoration is fitted
  • Final solutions include both fixed and removable prostheses
  • Fixed solutions include an implant bridge with porcelain or acrylic crowns cemented to the bridge framework
  • Removable solutions include Overdentures on an implant bar attached by means of an attachement system

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By Dr Faresh Desai

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