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Smile Design Principle

The principles used to design your perfect smile!

Principles of smile Design

Your smile is one of the first things people will see when they meet you. Having an aesthetically pleasing smile is a very important aspect for a persons confidence. When we design your dream smile we follow the 9 main smile design principles for the perfect smile:

Symmetry – Midline

Having a symmetrical smile is often an important factor for attractive smiles. We can achieve the illusion of symmetry by ensuring that the two front teeth and other teeth close to the midline are symmetrical.

Smile Design principle - Midline

Horizontal Alignment

To produce a beautiful smile your smile line should ideally be parallel aligned to the horizontal (even when the eye line does not coincide)

Smile Design principle - Horizontal

Smile Line

The smile line contributes greatly to a beautiful smile. The biting edges of your top teeth should ideally follow the curve of the lower lip (a curved smile gives off a more youthful appearance).

Smile Design principle - Smileline

Gum Line

You want your gum lines to be symmetrical and to follow the upper lip for the most attractive smiles. You need to have a good balance between optimum display of your teeth with a reasonable amount of gum exposure.

Smile Design principle - Gumline

Smile Width

For an ideal beautiful smile you will want your teeth to be seen in progression from front to back teeth. In the case of a narrow smile your front teeth will appear to stand alone as the side teeth are in the shadows.

Smile Design principle - Smile Width


Embrasures are the natural little triangular spaces that you see between the tips of your teeth. We create artistic natural embrasures to give you your dream smile.

Smile Design principle - Embrasures

Golden Proportions

Creating the perfect smile is a mathematical art and there are golden proportions principles which suggest an ideal ratio of 1:6 :1 :0.6 to create the perfect balance and harmony between the front 6 teeth widths – Centrals, laterals and canines.

Smile Design principle - Golden Proportions

Tooth Proportion

Each individual tooth has an ideal proportion of width to height ratio – 0.7 : 1 to create the most beautiful smiles.

Smile Design principle - Tooth Proportion

Tooth Shade

We can design your new smile to the shade of teeth that you desire, to give you the most natural and beautiful smile.

Smile Design principle - Tooth Shade

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By Dr Gursh Bajwa

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