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How Much Do Replacement Retainers Cost?

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When you have braces it is extremely important that you always have retainers fitted after they are taken off. At our practice we always double up on retention with both the fixed retainers (behind your teeth) and the removable retainers to be worn at night time only.

This offers the best of both world as you will always have retainers on indefinitely and then you will have added retention at night which will help keep your teeth in place.

One of the most common issues with the removable retainers is people accidentally misplacing them or not wearing them every night. Lost retainers do need to be replaced as they do help to keep your teeth in their straight position. If your not wearing them consistently every night you might start to notice over a period of time they don’t fit as well as they used to (this could be a sign of your teeth moving back)

Why Do I Need Retainers?

Unfortunately it is very natural for your teeth to want to move back to their original crooked position, and without proper retention, this can easily happen. How fast your teeth moves will vary from person to person so there is no definitive time frame. If you are worried about your teeth it is always best to go see your dentist for advice. We find giving fixed and removable retainers gives the best results as it means there will never be any time without having retainers on.

New Removable Retainers

If you have lost or broken your removable retainers we are able to replace them. Our prices per arch is £95. The first appointment will be to take impressions of your mouth which will then be sent to our lab for the retainers to be made. The next appointment will be for you to collect them.

To find out more information please do not hesitate to call us.

Will Retainers Close Gaps?

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If you have a gap between your front teeth, you may be thinking of ways that could potentially close the gap. You may think that a retainer could do the job as it may seem like a small gap that needs closing. Unfortunately, if there is a prominent gap, then an orthodontic solution will be required to effectively close the gap.

Retainers have been designed to be used as an end of treatment to help retain your teeth in their new position. They have the strength and function to hold the teeth where they finally rest, but they do not posses the function to actively move the teeth into a straight position.

We offer two kinds of retainers to be used in conjunction with each other for all of our braces patients. These are removable and fixed retainers. The reason why retainers can’t be used to close a gap is because they are fitted at the end of treatment and are made to fit the straight teeth mould. If they were done while you had a gap they would be made to fit your teeth in that specific way and would therefore not move them but just hold them how they are.

When you have your braces debonded we will fit the fixed retainer at the backs of your teeth which will offer you immediate retention for when your braces are off. We then take impressions of your teeth to then make the removable retainers to fit the exact time frame that your teeth were straight. These take 10-14 days to be made at our dental lab and are then given to the patient to be worn at night. This double up on retention helps protect your investment in straightening your teeth.

To start your journey to straighter teeth, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

Can Retainers Straighten Teeth?

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If you have wonky, crooked, uneven teeth, you may be looking at a way to correct them. Retainers are used at the end of an orthodontic treatment to retain your teeth in their new straight position. Unfortunately retainers cannot be used to straighten teeth. Retainers are made at the end of the braces treatment using impressions of your teeth as they are when the brace comes off. This is so when you get the retainers they are the right shape for straight teeth. We double up on retention by using both fixed and removable retainers. The fixed retainers are fitted to the backs of your teeth and will be hidden by your teeth. The removable retainers look like clear mouth guards and are used to be worn every night while you sleep.

Retention is very important after treatment as the natural thing your body will want to do is to revert back to how the teeth were before being straightened. As a practice we work on the principle that the retainers should be worn indefinitely following any orthodontic treatment.

Which Braces Are Best For Me?

This is very much a loaded question as there are now many different systems available that can be used to straighten teeth. Some cases may require a certain type of brace where as some may be more straight forward and can be completed by another. We offer free consultations so we can asses you teeth and identify what options will best meet your needs. It may be possible to offer you a couple of options that will be suitable to get you to the end result you want, but these may have some different benefits e.g. clear braces, invisible aligners, removable braces etc.

To find out what we are able to do for you, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

Can Retainers Straighten Teeth Back?

Retainers are used at the end of an orthodontic treatment to ensure your teeth do not suffer an orthodontic relapse. An orthodontic relapse is when your teeth start to move back to their original crooked position. After spending your money and time on straightening your teeth it is vital to protect your investment by wearing your retainers.

Can Retainers Then Be Used To Straighten Relapsed Teeth?

Unfortunately if your teeth have relapsed and started to move back to their original crooked position, then retainers will not be able to move them back to a straight position, as retainers have been designed to retain teeth in their straightened position.

How Can I Stop My Teeth From Relapsing?

At our clinic we offer both bonded and removable retainers to have at the end of our orthodontic treatments. The bonded retainers are a permanent retainer at the backs of the teeth so they are hidden and completely discrete, but will always be in place to hold your teeth. The removable retainers are an added extra form of protection that we recommend to our patients to wear at night time.

Help, My Tooth Are Crooked Again!

If your teeth have unfortunately moved back to a crooked position again, we would recommend you book a free consultation so we can examine your teeth and discuss suitable options to straighten your teeth again. The longer your teeth are left relapsing, the longer it can take to re-correct your teeth, which can also increase the price of straightening your teeth.

What Braces Can Be Used To Straighten My Teeth?

We offer an extensive range of braces that can be used to straighten your teeth. Depending on your exact case, the most suitable brace will vary. Some of the braces we offer include:

If you are interested in finding out your options, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation.

How Long Do Adults Have To Wear Braces?

If you missed the opportunity to straighten your teeth when you were younger, and now need to have braces fitted as an adult, you may have conflicting feelings about the process. Although the chances of feeling embarrassed by your peers are over, you may still feel uncomfortable about having braces, and want to know exactly how long you will have to wear them. If you have had braces in the past and not had much success, you may be concerned that you will be putting yourself through a long period of misery without any positive outcome.

What Are Adult Braces Designed To Do?

There is a common misconception with braces that you get the best results in younger patients. There is no upper age limit for results to be achieved, and we offer a wide variety of systems that can help meet a whole host of patients needs. Our braces that we offer are designed to achieve the best results for each individual case.

Adults may also be suffering from problems connected with teeth misalignment, such as overbite, the lower jaw fitting into the wrong place in your mouth, and problems with the jaw joint itself. Your dentist may recommend braces to fix these problems, and the length of time that you can expect to wear braces will depend on what needs to be repositioned.

Length of time for adult orthodontics

Your dentist may be able to give you a rough estimate of how long it will take for your teeth to align properly. Adult braces cases will vary from patient to patient, and can be completed as short as a couple of months, to a year or so (case dependant). What type of braces you choose to wear will also affect the length of time it takes for your teeth to align themselves correctly. For example, if you choose to wear removable aligners, then you can take out the braces whenever you want (it is advised you wear these for the majority of the day). This may make the time frame for aligning your teeth much longer.

Even after the braces have done their work, you will need to wear a retainer (included in treatment) to ensure the teeth stay in place while the gums settle around them again. With all of our orthodontic treatment we include a fixed bonded retainer (on the backs of the teeth) and a removable retainer to wear at night (similar to a gum shield). This helps protect your teeth from an orthodontic relapse, as well as protect your investment on the treatment itself.

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By Dr Gursh Bajwa

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