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How Long Do Damon Braces Take?

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When it comes to damon braces or any braces for that matter, there is no standard time for how long they will take to treat your teeth, as every patient is different, and will have different needs to one another. The length of time it will take can be estimated at the free consultation once we have assessed your teeth and seen what types of movements is required.

Why Would I Want Damon Braces?

Damon are a fixed brace option that have been designed to tackle more complex cases that may require the patients bite to be adjusted. This can be for overbites, overjets, underbites etc. When straightening teeth it can take longer if you require your bite to be corrected, as it will need more extensive work to straighten your teeth.

One of the main benefits of the damon system, is the fact they are self-ligating and do not require elastic bands. This means it can be a much more comfortable system as the teeth are allowed to freely move and there won’t be friction (which is quite common with elastic bands).

The other benefit is the effect it can have on your face profile, which can make you appear younger and more youthful.

What Is The Process Of Getting Damon Braces?

The first step is the free consultation where we will discuss your case and explore your options. Once you have decided to go ahead with the treatment, impressions will be taken of your teeth and sent off to order your custom brace. The next stage will be the bond up of your brace, and then it will be a case of an adjustment visit every 4 weeks (give or take).

To get a treatment plan outlining the most suitable options for you, please do not hesitate to call and book your free consultation today.

What is the difference between damon braces and traditional braces?

Damon Braces - Orthodontic treatment

The orthodontics market has evolved dramatically since the days of traditional braces that utilised the use of elastic bands on metal wires, which were often the cause for uncomfortable treatments and generally not a great experience. The Damon system is an advanced system that provides great results, with fewer appointments at the dentist along the way and longer intervals in-between seeing the dentist! Traditionally you could of been seeing your dentist every 4-6 weeks for an adjustment/check up appointment. With Damon it is more likely (on average) to be around every 2 and a half months between each visit.

Old fashioned traditional braces used to utilise an elastic tie to hold the wire. The main problem with this method is the fact that there used to be a lot of friction between the brace and the wire that didn’t allow efficient movement (and could also cause discomfort in the patient). The Damon system has no elastic tie and the brace can efficiently move with no friction what so ever. Not only does this mean the overall treatment is much more gentler and comfortable, but it also speeds up treatment times!

Before and after - Damon Braces

Treatments for Adults as well as Children

It is becoming even more common for adults to undergo a type of orthodontic treatment. With the world’s perspective on beauty and the ever growing cosmetic industry, looking your very best is an important factor in many people’s lives. Your teeth play a huge role in your overall appearance as it is one of the very first things people tend to notice when they see you. Braces are the most preferred option for treating crooked and wonky teeth. Having braces as an adult used to be seen as an embarrassing trait. However, now with modern technology it is becoming more socially acceptable and treatments can be done more discretely. The Damon system is a metal fixed brace, but you can choose the option to go for the clear brackets and wires that makes it blend into your smile!

Braces for children play an important role in how they develop into an adult. It is recommended that the average age for a child to be checked out is around 7. This is because dentists are able to detect if there are any jaw problems early on. Orthodontics treatments will actually be used on children when they have reached the average age of 11 – but the earlier a problem is identified, the easier it will be to treat.

Before and after - Damon Braces

Free Consultations

If Damon braces sound like it could be a suitable treatment for you please do not hesitate to call us to arrange your free consultation today!


How Should A Smile Correctly Align?

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For a perfectly aligned smile there are several smile design principles that need to be taken into account:

  • Midline Symmetry – This relates to the midline down your face and how many teeth are either side of the midline for a symmetrical look
  • Horizontal Alignment – parallel to the horizontal line (even when the eye line is not perfectly horizontal)
  • Smile Line – natural curved smile
  • Gum Line – reasonable amount of gum exposure with optimum display of teeth
  • Smile Width – Good balance between your front teeth and back teeth (so your front teeth don’t overshadow the rest)
  • Embrasures – The natural triangular spaces that appear between teeth
  • Golden Proportions – Ratios between teeth
  • Tooth Proportion – Ideal height/width proportion between teeth

When we have patients come in for a free consultation for any treatments (Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Orthodontics etc) we always base the end result around the main smile design principles.

Our friendly dental team are extremely passionate about treating patients and truly endeavor to create the most beautiful results to bring a smile back on your face.

Before and after - dental veneers

Best Treatments For Aligning Smiles

If your not happy with the alignment of your smile, the long term best solution for you will be along the lines of braces which is a suitable treatment for both adults and children. Braces such as damon will provide you with aesthetically pleasing teeth with the comprehensive long term results of moving the roots as well (which will really help give your face a lift, making you appear more youthful.

However, if you are against the idea of braces, cosmetic dentistry could be a great alternative treatment that gives you a great looking cosmetic smile in a shorter period of time.

Emax porcelain veneer before and after 2

Free Consultations

We offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments to meet a wide range of needs. Knowing which treatment will be the most suitable for you can be quite confusing for patients (as different treatments are more suited for different circumstances etc). We offer free consultations to discuss your needs with you and to explore all suitable options.

Please do not hesitate to call us today and arrange your free consultation.


How To Look Younger With Damon Braces

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Getting a brace during adulthood is now becoming a more common thing. Not only will you be able to straighten your teeth with the damon braces system, but it can also help you appear much younger by readjusting your facial balance.

For more information, please do not hesitate to arrange your free consultation today!


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By Dr Gursh Bajwa

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