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Inman Aligner In Birmingham

A popular and exciting way to straighten your front teeth is through the use of a removable orthodontic appliance known as the Inman Aligner. This system has been designed to focus on just straightening the front teeth and won’t treat the whole mouth. This is aimed at patients who requires minor straightening and doesn’t need complex treatments.

Typically treatments can be completed in 6-16 weeks (case dependant).

How Does Inman Straighten My Teeth?

The Inman system will gently apply pressure to the front teeth which will gradually push and pull your teeth into the correct positions during the treatment time. It is a removable system so can be taken out for eating and drinking but we always advise for best practice that it is worn for the majority of the day as the longer the aligner is out of the mouth, the longer it will take to treat you.

Our practice is based in the Birmingham area, in Dorridge which is next to Solihull. We offer free consultations so we can asses your teeth and identify what type of braces will best meet your needs and how long they will take to treat.

Flexible Payment Plans

As well as offering an extensive and vast range of different orthodontic appliances, we also have available different flexible payment plans to suit you. Once we have seen you for a free consultation we will send a treatment plan outlining the suitable options to meet your needs. We will then be able to discuss what payment plans will be available and how much it will cost each month and what option will suit you best.

Going ahead with a treatment is a very interactive and tailored experience where we will always ensure you are given all the information to make an educated decision. To find out more information, please do not hesitate to book your free consultation today.

What Your Teeth Should Look Like After Braces?

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When you decide to get braces it is because you are not happy with the straightness of your teeth. Braces will move your teeth over a period of time into their newly correct position. After the braces have been removed, you will have fixed retainers fitted to the backs of your teeth, and impressions of your teeth will be taken, which will then be sent to the lab to make your removable retainers. This is an integral part of the treatment as your teeth will naturally want to shift back into a crowded or crooked state as they were before.

With teeth each patient will be different and will have different needs. At the free consultation we will asses your teeth and identify what type of brace will best suit your needs and how long it will roughly take to treat you. Certain scenarios with your teeth may mean that a particular type of brace may be more ideal than others. If its more of a cosmetic issues rather than having bite problems, the 6 month smiles system may be recommended. This is a short term orthodontic solution that only corrects the visible parts of the teeth and not the actual roots (so won’t tackle bite issues).

Regardless of what option you decide to go for and how your teeth were at the start of the treatment, the end result will always be to have your teeth straightened. As part of the braces package we also include free home teeth whitening and tooth recontouring to truly complete your smile. We take great pride when treating our patients and will ensure the end result you want is achieved.

To find out more information please do not hesitate to book your free consultation today.

Where To Get Your Teeth Straightened?

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At our practice we are proud to offer an extensive range of modern ways to straighten your teeth, through a variety of fixed and removable braces. Braces are the preferred way to correct and straighten teeth over a period of time.

Teeth can grow crooked due to a number of reasons. It most often occurs during the young development stages in children, often leading to having braces during the teenage years. Even though it is very common to see teenagers with braces, it is becoming even more common and popular for adults to straighten their teeth as well. There is no age limit when it comes to straightening teeth. We have had patients in their 60’s who have had braces. There is still a slight stigma associated with adults having braces but is becoming more widely acceptable.

Modern Teeth Straightening

With modern advances in the dentistry field and in particular the orthodontic field, there are many different types of discrete braces that are available. These range from braces that are fixed to the backs of your teeth (lingual), to clear removable braces such as Invisalign and even clear ceramic fixed braces.

Each system has been designed for particular cases in mind. At the free consultation we will asses your teeth and identify which option will best meet your needs. We will send a treatment plan to you with the options outlined and the associated costs with each option. As part of the braces package, we include free teeth whitening and recontouring, as well as the retainers to ensure the teeth are retainer afterwards.

To start your journey to straight teeth, please do not hesitate to book your free consultation today.

How Much Do Replacement Retainers Cost?

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When you have braces it is extremely important that you always have retainers fitted after they are taken off. At our practice we always double up on retention with both the fixed retainers (behind your teeth) and the removable retainers to be worn at night time only.

This offers the best of both world as you will always have retainers on indefinitely and then you will have added retention at night which will help keep your teeth in place.

One of the most common issues with the removable retainers is people accidentally misplacing them or not wearing them every night. Lost retainers do need to be replaced as they do help to keep your teeth in their straight position. If your not wearing them consistently every night you might start to notice over a period of time they don’t fit as well as they used to (this could be a sign of your teeth moving back)

Why Do I Need Retainers?

Unfortunately it is very natural for your teeth to want to move back to their original crooked position, and without proper retention, this can easily happen. How fast your teeth moves will vary from person to person so there is no definitive time frame. If you are worried about your teeth it is always best to go see your dentist for advice. We find giving fixed and removable retainers gives the best results as it means there will never be any time without having retainers on.

New Removable Retainers

If you have lost or broken your removable retainers we are able to replace them. Our prices per arch is £95. The first appointment will be to take impressions of your mouth which will then be sent to our lab for the retainers to be made. The next appointment will be for you to collect them.

To find out more information please do not hesitate to call us.

How Long Do Braces Stay On For?

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Braces are a great way to straighten teeth. They have been designed to reposition the roots and crowns of the teeth for a nice straight smile. There are many reasons why our teeth may develop crooked and it is quite common that these early signs are picked up at a young age and then subsequently treated during our teen years. However, it is also becoming more common practice for adults to have their teeth straightened as well. There isn’t an age limit in getting your teeth straightened and there are many different discrete orthodontic systems on offer to fit in with your lifestyle.

Treatment Lengths

When it comes to straightening teeth there is no one size fits all approach. Everyone’s teeth will be different and the solution to fix them will also be different. Depending on what teeth movement you require, the most suitable brace may vary. If you have problems with the bite (the way the teeth meet), then damon braces may be more suitable for you. If its just a cosmetic issue and there are no problems with your bite, then something like 6 month smiles may be more suitable. Just like the name suggests, the treatment can be completed in typically just 6 months.

If you are looking at correcting more severe problems including the bite, then treatment times will take longer. Fast braces such as 6 month smiles work quicker than other systems as they only correct only the visible parts of the tooth (crowns) and won’t treat the roots.

We offer free consultations so we can asses your teeth and determine what options will suit you how long they will roughly take to treat you.

If you are interested in exploring your teeth straightening options, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

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By Dr Gursh Bajwa

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