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What Is A Gummy Smile?

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Gummy smiles is the term used to describe when a large portion of the gums are visible when you are smiling. Even though it is not a medical problem, it can very much affect the aesthetics of your smile, and is considered a cosmetic treatment to treat.

How Are Gummy Smiles Treated?

Depending on the severity of your gummy smile, there are a number of ways which may be ideal to treat your case. In younger patients who are showing a gummy smile, an orthodontic option may be more suitable for them as the brace can help to manage and control the bone development, helping to reduce the gummy smile.

A more temporary treatment can be through the use of anti ageing treatments. These injections can be used on the upper lip, which will in turn will relax the muscles, allowing them to drop and hide the gummy smile.

Another option is through the use of laser gum reshaping. This is when a laser is used to carefully cut away any excessive gum.

How Do Gummy Smiles Form?

The way a gummy smile is formed can be down to a number of reasons. In some cases, you may of been born with a short upper lip, which causes more of your gum to be shown. Sometimes when your teeth are erupting, you may have an abnormal eruption, which again causes more of the gum to be seen. Lastly, it can be down to how you develop as a child. These early stages can be very important and regular visits with the dentist can monitor any changes, spotting any warning signs early on.

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Can Invisalign Correct A Gummy Smile?

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Gummy smiles are when you show an excessive amount of gum tissue when you smile. Usually, you should only be able to see a small portion of gum when a person smiles. Unfortunately, gummy smiles can occur and can seriously affect a persons confidence with how they look.

Before and after - Gummy smile 2

Gummy smiles can however easily be treated through a number of methods: Laser gum reshaping, braces, and even wrinkle removal treatments.

But Can They Be Treated With Invisalign

Yes and No. Unfortunately there is no straight answer for this as it is very much case dependent whether Invisalign will be a suitable treatment for gummy smiles. But there are also other treatments that may be suitable and can be discussed at the initial free consultation.

One key thing to note with this is:

The younger a patient, the more effective braces will be at treating gummy smiles!.

Before and after - Gummy smile 1


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By Dr Gursh Bajwa

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