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Where To Get Lingual Braces in Birmingham

Lingual braces are braces that have been designed to be a discrete fixed brace option. The brace is fitted to the tongue side of the mouth and sits behind the teeth. This is a completely invisible teeth straightening option and unless you tell people, they won’t even realise you are in treatment!

Free Lingual Braces Consultations

At our clinic in Dorridge (part of Birmingham), right next to Solihull, we offer no obligation free consultations so we can examine your teeth and discuss with you suitable options.

Are Lingual Braces Right For Me?

We offer an extensive range of orthodontic treatments to treat a wide range of cases. If you come to our clinic to discuss lingual braces but we identify that they won’t give you the results you want or meet your needs, we will also explore other options which may be more suitable.

Lingual braces before and after 4

At our practice we do offer such orthodontic systems as:

What Does Lingual Braces Treat

If you suffer from overcrowding of the teeth, twisted teeth or even gaps between your teeth, then lingual braces could be an ideal solution for you.

Will The Braces Hurt?

Like all braces, there will be an initial period where you will become accustomed to how the braces feel. You might experience some slight discomfort but not actual pain. This discomfort is very normal and can settle down very quickly. With modern advances in braces and dentistry as a whole, pain is no longer a common place in our treatments.

Custom Lingual Braces For You

Our lingual braces will be 100% custom made to fit your exact measurements. What this means is that they will fit well and be more comfortable than traditional braces that used to rely on strong forces to correct teeth straightening problems.

If you would like to take the first step in correcting your teeth and exploring your options, please do not hesitate to call us today and book your free consultation!

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By Dr Gursh Bajwa

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