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I had braces but didn’t wear my retainer!

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Why Should I Wear My Retainers?

Unfortunately it is quite a common situation when someone has completed their orthodontic treatment and they don’t wear their retainers for a long enough period or they have lost them without getting them replaced.

Traditionally the recommended advice was to wear your retainers for at least 1 to 2 years after you have had braces. With modern orthodontics it is now recommended that you wear your retainers indefinitely to maintain your straight teeth.

By not wearing your retainers your teeth can start to move back to their original crooked positions. How quick this can happen will vary from patient to patient. If you have lost your retainer it is advised you make an appointment so we can make a new retainer for you. The longer you are without a retainer, the more likely your teeth will start to go wonky again.

I Don’t Want To Wear a Retainer For Life

We do recommend that you indefinitely wear your retainers for life once you have completed treatment. This may scare you at the thought of always having to wear a retainer but it will be the best way to protect your:

  • Smile and teeth
  • Investment (money and time)

What Retainers Are Available?

We offer fixed and removable retainers. We recommend the fixed retainer as it ensures that your teeth remain in the same position at all times and there is no chance to lose the retainer.

The best thing about the fixed retainer is that it is bonded to the backs of your teeth and it is not visible!

Example of a bonded retainer

Help My Teeth Have Become Wonky Again!

In the event of the worst case scenario and your teeth have moved back to their original position you will need to have an orthodontic treatment to straighten them again. We offer free consultations so we can discuss with you the teeth straightening options we offer that will meet your needs.

I Need a New Retainer

If your retainer is wearing away or you have lost your retainer. Please contact us ASAP and we can arrange to replace it (for new patients we will need to take impressions to be sent to the labs and existing patients may not need to have new impressions taken).

Do you still have unanswered questions? Please feel free to submit them below!

By Dr Gursh Bajwa



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