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Diabetics told to brush their teeth

Why is it so important for diabetics to pay special attention to brushing their teeth?

If you have diabetes you may be unaware how important it is to thoroughly brush your teeth and to practice excellent dental hygiene standards, to lower the risk of developing complications.

Research into oral health has shown that swollen gum inflammation can lead to a number of factors such as, increasing the chance of cardiovascular disease, increased severity of diabetes, and increase the mortality from oral cancer. From the same research it also states that the progression of gum disease can also be sped up by poorly controlling diabetes – It is also worth noting, that by leaving gum disease untreated, this can lead to the nasty conclusion of losing your teeth.

If you have diabetes it is even more important to ensure that you keep up with thoroughly brushing twice a day (fluoride tooth paste recommended), as well as flossing daily. Maintaining regular visits to your one dental clinic dentist will help ensure that your gums and teeth are protected, and will reduce the risk of you developing any further complications. We offer two dental plans that will make visiting us on a regular basis more affordable (please visit our affordable dental plans page).

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By Dr Gursh Bajwa



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