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What You Should Know About Cosmetic Dentists

Everyone would love to have a natural, bright smile. The options in dentistry that a cosmetic dentist Solihull can offer you will allow you to have a confidence boosting smile. Your dentist will use a range of techniques to give you the smile you want.

One of the cosmetic procedures that are the most common is tooth whitening. This technique aims to remove stains that are left behind by the food and drinks that you eat and drink. It is also used to remove nicotine stains suffered by those who smoke. Different methods are used to achieve whitening.

If you have stained, chipped or misaligned teeth, you could opt for veneers to give you a natural smile. Veneers are made of porcelain and are placed on the front of your teeth much like a false finger nail. They will make your teeth look healthy and natural as it will improve the shape, position and color of your teeth.

Veneers are bonded directly to your teeth and are used to close gaps in your teeth. They are also used to alter the shape of your teeth and to change the shade of your teeth. These are often used in smile makeovers.

If you have teeth that have been broken or have been weakened due to decay, you could opt for a crown. This is an artificial restoration that is fitted over a prepared tooth. It improves the strength of the tooth and returns the natural shape to it.

Another option that a cosmetic dentist Solihull will offer you is to replace your silver amalgam fillings with a white filling. This will hide the fillings and your teeth will look natural. This method is also suitable for teeth that are in the process of decay. There are other methods of achieving that natural smile and you should discuss your wants and needs with your dentist.

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By Dr Gursh Bajwa

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